Dinosaurs (Iguanodon & Baryonyx)
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HP Baryonyx

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HP Iguanodon

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Alina feda baryonyx maps

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Alina feda iguanodon maps

Iguanodon maps 4k

Dinosaurs (Iguanodon & Baryonyx)

The low-poly dinosaurs have been created to be potentially used in a game engine. The sculpting was done in ZBrush, the retopology in 3DCoat, the UV-unwrap in UVLayout, the textures in Substance Painter, and the final rendering in Marmoset Toolbag. The textures are hand-painted and their resolution is 4k. The polygon count for Iguanodon is 7,550 polys and for Baryonyx 11,954 polys.

More artwork
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